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What is Corporate Catering?

Corporate catering is the service of providing food for events or employees of a company. This service can be both on a daily basis or for a special event, like a long meeting or training. Some companies specialize in providing corporate catering for businesses, while others are restaurants that provide catering services for special orders.

Choose a caterer for your business or event, tell them what you want and when, and they’ll deliver it to you.

Some caterers require that you order a specific amount of time before you need the food, have specific corporate menus, or have a minimum amount of food that must be ordered.

Tons of restaurants also have catering options and you can select from a wide variety in your town.

Daily and Event Corporate Catering

Some companies offer catering daily for lunch or other food needs. Others use corporate catering companies for one-time unique events like meetings or for hosting clients.

You can easily find daily catering at hip Silicon Valley companies and startups that want to give employees a great work environment. Providing lunch every day is a big plus for offices and most often, employees love it. Ordering food is usually done by an administrative assistant or an HR person.

One-off catering is common practice too. Its great for days of meetings and special events like client visits, parties, or company celebrations.

The Types of Corporate Catering

Buffet Style

This style involves large trays and different varieties of food. The pots are arranged in a line, just like a buffet, with a serving spoon. The employees then come with a plate and choose whatever dish they desire for themselves. The pots are usually kept warm during the service time or event.

This style can be best for large groups where individual orders or platters would be too expensive or complicated to distribute.

Popup Restaurant

Service workers come to your workplace and take orders from employees. Orders are custom made and delivered based on a menu. It’s just like a restaurant experience, without having to leave the office.

Food Trucks

Companies can hire food trucks to park and serve food near the premises. Food trucks are ideal if there isn’t a set meeting location or if the location is outdoors. That way employees can pick up their order and have it nearby.

Plus, food truck catering is often more affordable than traditional catering options.

In-House Catering

In-house food catering is a service offered by many businesses and organizations, in which all of the food preparation and distribution is done on site, rather than being contracted out to an outside catering company.

This type of catering can be a cost-effective and convenient way to provide food for events such as regular occurring conferences, meetings, and other corporate functions. In-house catering typically includes the set-up and break down of the event, as well as the service of food and beverages.


A platter can include anything from 20 sub sandwiches to a variety of foods prepared in bulk for an event. Platters are great for providing a lot of food with some choices for a reasonable price.

How Corporate Catering Can Help Your Business

There are many different reasons to hire a caterer, from practical time saving, to providing a great benefit to employees. Some of the best benefits that come with corporate catering include:

Providing a Great Experience

Companies have started to realize that having a great employee experience is part of the reason that people can appreciate their workplaces. Some of the best companies believe in supporting their employees to the fullest extent and fostering a positive work environment.

Providing great food on a daily basis can help employees feel cared for, and it can even help them perform better. By bringing the food to them, they won’t have to guess where their lunch will come from, how they will get it, or if they’ll even get time for a break.

Check out these statistics on employee performance:

  • Companies with the best employee engagement bring in 22% more profit than their competitors.
  • 67% of employees say they are happier when they are able to get food at work
  • 86% of business owners believe that a good company culture helps boost productivity

Catering Saves Time

Corporate catering saves employees time so that they can channel their energy to other important matters of the company. Employees do not have to leave the office, get stuck in traffic, or worry about buying their own food. Also, buying catered food in bulk often comes at a discounted market price, which would not be possible if the company gave out lunch allowances instead.

Be Better Than Your Competitors

In an age where benefits seem to be offered less and less by companies, a great way to stand out to your potential recruits is by offering more and better perks. If you got to work at a company that gave free lunch every day vs. a company that might not give you a lunch break, which would you work at?

It might not seem like a big deal, but employees and potential recruits will notice the difference.

How Do I Order Corporate Catering Near Me?

Many restaurants nearby provide catering services. Just by searching all of the restaurants next to you, you will probably find one that can cater to your business.

You can also rely on a third party service or organization to help you take care of it.

Once you’ve found the place, just call them up and tell them what you need, where, and when. It’s best to call them as soon as possible – so that you can give plenty of notice for the order. Lots of restaurants are busy as is and will need a heads up before a large order is placed.

Don’t forget to be specific on what you’re ordering – does your caterer provide silverware and plates? Napkins? Trays of food? Will they setup the food for you? These are all great questions to ask.