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Do Caterers Typically Provide Plates and Silverware?

do caterers provide dishes

When you book your wedding with outside catering, at a venue, the amenities and what the venue provides vs. what your caterer is responsible for varies.

If you communicate things upfront, there can be a lot of questions answered and future problems resolved. However, there won’t always be those opportunities to ask questions. You may want to know how much food to order for catering. If you’re ordering a lot it will be important to get extra silverware and plates.

Typically, the caterers do not provide plates and silverware. Normally, it is the venue’s responsibility to provide these things. However, ask your caterer as they can provide it for a small upcharge if needed, or if they agree to it as part of their package upfront.

Caterers Can Provide Plates And Silverware As Rentals

Lots of caterers offer the option to provide the plates and silverware as rentals. You can also speak with your caterer to provide the option upfront as part of your agreement. Most caterers will do what it takes to make their customer happy, but that doesn’t mean you should take advantage of them!

You might need to know how much to tip for your catering order if you’re getting silverware and plates delivered as well. You might want to tip extra for the extra custom service they are providing!

Catering and Venue Rules For Silverware and Plates

Caterers are not usually allowed to use the venue’s kitchen for any cooking and heating/cooling. Sometimes caterers may use the kitchen for staging. 

Every venue is different and has differing policies. However, most caterers have this down to a science and know how to pre-prep and transport the dishes without breaking any rules (written or unwritten).

Ask The Pros If The Caterers or Venue Provide

We asked wedding pros “Who generally supplies the silverware and plates?” These are the responses we got:

“You should ask your caterer. Ours always supplies the silverware and dishes but I know a lot of caterers that don’t. The venue should.” – Gale

“Usually the caterer can supply them for an additional cost” -Nori

“If your venue is really small they might not be able to. Otherwise they [the venue] normally handle it” -Artie

Frequently Asked Questions

Do caterers supply dinnerware?

Many catering services offer plate and flatware rental as options or work standard plate and silverware into their pricing/agreement. For a great caterer, you should be able to arrive at your event and not have to worry about your dining at all!

How do caterers transport dirty dishes?

Tubs, Boxes, and Flatware Bins. Bus tubs and bus boxes allow caterers to remove dirty dishes and drinkware in bulk quickly and safely. Flatware holders and organizers are great for removing large amount of dishes.

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